G.P. From Huntington Beach, Ca

The real deal…

I have been looking for a solid pizza joint in HB, my new digs…it’s been pretty damn disappointing, except for Luparello’s.  This is excellent pizza.  No gimmicks, just straight up honest pizza.  No sugar in their sauce, no cheese in the crust, no super thick crust that turns pizza into a cheese sandwich…just delicious, home-made crust, real cheese and fresh toppings.

There are a dozen pizza places within five minutes of my house, I drive the ten miles to Luparello’s every time…

BTW…family owned, they always comp. me a coupon too.

Jason M. from Huntington Beach, Ca

I am sorry for those who have never eaten great pizza, and thus cannot recognize how great this place is.

I have had great pizza at all the famous spots in America, New York, New Haven, Chicago, etc.  Anyone who really knows pizza knows what I mean.  I say this as a third generation Californian, too.  If you like doughy, undercooked, flavorless chain-store pizza, this is not the place for you.

This place is one of the best on the West Coast.  Yes, it’s that good.  Great crust, crispy on the outside, tender and yeasty on the inside, amazing sauce, quality fresh toppings, high quality (whole milk?) non rubbery mozz, the works.  Not dry, but unctuous, moist, and if you desire, meaty.   Yes, delicious pizza is cooked well.  I have seen crazy comments here on Yelp that their pizza is overcooked.  I understand taste is highly subjective, but try a pizza made in a perfect synthesis of New York and Chicago style.  And, this place is a great value.

Plus, Joey and the guys there are good guys who really care about the product they make.

Josh H.  Fountain Valley, Ca

Growing up with parents who owned and operated the #1 pizza place in Ashland Oregon, (Papa D’s) I’d like to pretend that I know good pizza, and guess what, this Joey guy over at Joeys Luparello’s Pizza also knows good pizza.

A slice of cheese, a medium pepperoni, or large spaghetti and meatball, no matter what size or toppings you get, it’s going to be great.
The salads and sandwiches are great too! Beer and wine if you want to really have a party!

Although they wont deliver you a pitcher of beer, they’ll bring you anything else on the menu with quick reliable service. (just don’t get mad when they’re busy on a friday night, its a pizza place, what do you expect?)

Ive been going here for 10+ years and the rate its going now ill be going here another 10+  so get on down there and have some pizza!

Sadia C Fountain Valley, Ca

To make it short, this is my favorite joint to get pizza.
Anytime my family and i are in the mood for pizza, this is our default place. It tastes homemade. I went to Italy last year so i know a thing or two about how authentic pizza should taste. Don’t get me wrong, this place is nothing like traditional Italian pizza, except for their sauce. The sauce is delicious and robust and it doesn’t taste like its out of a can/bottle. Its so good, i always get extra. The crust is nicely cooked, soft towards the center and crispy around the edges, just as i like it. They don’t skimp out on cheese, which is my biggest pet peeve about pizza places, where 80% is bread and thats all you taste. I would recommend this place highly. It isn’t as cheap as your pizza chains, but i would much rather pay a few extra dollars to get better quality and better tasting pizza. The best part is, the pizza tastes delicious even after you reheat it, so i always get extra!

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